Lawyers and other professionals are here to help you get through the crisis in the best way possible. When divorce involves children, the marriage ends but the family relationships continue.

We offer a service called “collaborative divorce”, in which each spouse is represented by a collaborative lawyer who is committed to resolving the divorce out of court. The process is tailored to the needs of the individual family and aims at an agreement that meets the needs of all family members. Other professionals are available to help with the emotional aspects of the divorce, with creating a good parenting plan and with present and future financial arrangements.

We invite you to maintain control over your life – to make the important decisions by yourself with the guidance and assistance of professional experts.


Our team of experts were all trained in the collaborative divorce process:

LAWYERS who will avoid litigation, find ways to resolve the conflicts fairly and who work together with the other team members to serve the family in an efficient and respectful manner. The lawyers at “Nifradim” are experienced in family law and share a belief that families benefit when agreements are reached through dialogue, mutual understanding and a consideration of the needs of all members of the family.

DIVORCE COACHES who are experienced therapists with expertise in divorce often work alongside the lawyers to assist the spouses in developing a post-separation parenting plan and to sort out the emotional “baggage” that often accompanies the divorce decision and may interfere with communication between the spouses.

CHILD PSYCHOLOGISTS may be used when there is a need to assess the children or to have the children’s input in the development of a post-separation parenting plan.

FINANCIAL EXPERTS may be helpful when there is a need for evaluating pensions or other financial resources, for business evaluations and for proposing different ways of dividing the family property.

Our services may be used in the following ways:

CONSULTATION with a lawyer or with a divorce coach to obtain information or advice which may be helpful to couples who are trying to work out a divorce agreement on their own through direct negotiations.

LEGAL REPRESENTATION of each spouse by two collaborative lawyers who will accompany the couple through the process of obtaining a divorce agreement.


One divorce coach may work with both spouses and both lawyers, or each spouse may be accompanied by his/her own divorce coach in addition to the regular legal representation in the collaborative divorce model. The various professionals work together to help the family achieve a good divorce agreement.

MEDIATION is another form of collaborative divorce in which a neutral mediator assists the spouses in the process of resolving the various issues that go into a divorce agreement. Several of the team members at Nifradim are experienced mediators. The spouses may use the services of a lawyer, a divorce coach, a child psychologist or a financial expert – as needed – throughout the mediation process.

The benefits of collaborative divorce are many!
  • The process is relatively fast and efficient
  • The decisions about the future of the family remain in your control
  • The children’s needs and well-being are in the focus of the discussions
  • Open communication and cooperation between the spouses are encouraged
  • The goal is a fair agreement
  • The process is constructive and doesn’t damage the relationships
  • Both the process and the outcomes are tailored to the unique needs of the family
  • Less expensive than litigated divorce